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August 24, 2017

August 2017 Boys Players of the Month

Boys Club Winner:
B2006 Bernon- Eduardo “Lalo” Cuevas is The Player of the Month for the Boys 2006 Team. Eduardo is an incredible gifted player that checks all the boxes needed for a young star, he is smart, athletic, has an amazing right foot, but the best aspect of his game is his attitude. He attends all practices and understands that without his teammates he will struggle. Staying positive and patient when attacking allows Lalo to continue to grow and develop.

Boys Team Winners:

B2009 Adams – Leo MartinezLeo’s defensive skills have made him a valuable team member. His speed enables him to get back in defensive position quickly. Leo is also a light hearted kid that makes the whole team laugh.

Boys 2009 Fenlason- Marissa Sloss – Marissa technical skills have improved tremendously over the course of the month. She is the type of player who does not like to stop until she has mastered a skill, and that is the reason why her technical ability has increased. She is a hard worker and always loves to compete.

B2008 Adams – Connor Gibbons – Connor Has had a great Attititude at Practice as well as made many saves as goalie to help the team become finalists in the SD United tournament.

Boys 2008 Myers- Connor Bishop –  My player of the month nomination is Connor Bishop. Over the last few months he has really started to excel at the center mid position. He is a rock in the midfield and is great distributing the ball. He has also led the team in assists and continues to work on his defending and strength which has come along way since we started.

Boys 2008 Fenlason – Ben Tencate – Ben has always been a great example at practice with his hard work and never say die attitude. He always comes to practice focused and determined to do his best. Ben and his family just moved across country and his presence at practice and games will be missed. Best of luck at your next club Ben!!

Boys 2007 Topete – Sam Forouzan– Sam has been working very hard to improve his skills and it has shown. Focuses during practice, is willing to ask questions and takes it upon himself to get it right and not give up. It showed in the SD Premier Classic with play. Scored 1 goal and created many chances for himself. Played an outstanding tournament.

Boys 2007 Carnaroli – Hutu Guneileke – For my 2007 boys, Hiru Gunetileke: He is always respectful and attentive at practice and eager to learn. He has played well as a utility player for us this year so far, helping us out as a midfielder and a defender when needed. His fitness and speed have helped us out the past couple of tournaments when others have needed a break.

Boys 2005 Drummond – Travis Olmsted – The boys 2005 team’s player of the month for August is Travis Olmstead. Travis is a hard working player who always gives 100% at practice and in games. He has been willing to try a new position and consistently strives to improve. Travis keeps the team in good humor with his creative use of big words. Here is what a couple of his teammates had to say about him:
He has been good at playing new positions, he works hard at games and practice, and he plays a good role in our team.
Travis has been doing a good job on creating runs and working hard.

Boys 2005 Modlin- Jose Mata – He is a hard working team player. Jose is willing to play multiple positions depending on team need. Jose leads by example and works hard in practice.

Boys 2004 Rachedi – Joey Savage – For the month of August I have chosen Joey Savage. Joey is the type of player who comes to practice all the time and just works. In our last tournament instead of playing his comfortable position at center back he was needed to move to the outside and did so without complaint. He’s always putting the need of the team over his.

Boys 2003 Topete – Ahmed Hageb– Ahmed has shown great improvement in the last month in his work rate and always responds with a positive attitude. Has been working extra to improve and motivates the team to be better. Had a great tournament for SD Premier Classic with a goal and assist.

Boys 2000 Velasquez – Tyler DeGzman – Player of the month is Taylor De Guzman. Taylor has an incredible work rate, wonderful attitude and leads by example. He is held in very high esteem by all of his fellow players.