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August 24, 2017

August 2017 Girls Player of the Month

Girls Club Winner:
Coach Becca – G2005 – Gwenyth – Her dedication and work ethic is hard to compete with. Gwen’s skills and desire to improve, not only her own game but her teammates’ as well, is something a coach dreams about. Awesome work Gwen!

Olders Club Winner:
Shawni – Girls 2001 Player of the Month is Alexia Perry (GK). She’s brand new to the team but has become a strong leader on and off the field not only with her words but with her actions. She’s been training hard in practice and with our GK trainer and it shows with her consistency in goal. HIGHLIGHT: she saved 2 penalty kicks in our Murrieta Surf Cup Championship win!


Girls Team Winners:
John – Girls 2008 – Mackenzie Smith: she is always focused at practice and eager to learn. We call her a gnat on our team because defensively she is all over the player. She is tenacious and very aggressive to win the ball back from the opposing players. She makes people nervous when they have to go up against her in practice. In our last tournament, she used her speed to beat the girl on the outside and deliver some great crosses for good scoring opportunities.
Jack – Girls 2007 – Maddie Ho is my player of the month

Coach Jen – G2007 – Madeline Gilbertson. Madeline is a leader on and off the field. She is our goal keeper and has a great sense of the game and vision of the field. She helps her teammates with their positioning/marking with her consistent communications. She is dedicated to improving and goes above and beyond with two extra days a week of practice, one practice for goalkeeping and one practice for skills training. Madeline also watches soccer and reads about it, which is very rare and why it’s worth mentioning. Keep it up Madeline all the hard work is paying off!

Coach Ali Girls 2006 – Maddison Goddeyne – For all her hard work and dedication to the team and the club

Kimberly – Girls 2006- Taylor Solo – She stepped up as a leader on and off the field. She was put into an unfamiliar position, goalie, and never once complained! She works so hard and is very determined to have an amazing season

Chris – Girls 2005 – Sara Malvin – Sara has taken on a new position of goal keeper this season. In striving to be the best she can be, she has been taking private lessons in addition to making goalie clinics. Her dedication to the team does not go unnoticed and she even came back early from summer camp for the chance to play in our last tournament.

Christine – Girls 2004 – Leigh’s Swearington – August Player of the Month is Leigha Swearington. Here is what a few teammates had to say about her:
“This is her first year on our team and she has done a great job of working with the team. She has done an amazing job in our tournaments so far by helping with through balls and plays and just consistently improving throughout the games.”

“She has stepped up her game and always has a positive fun attitude towards our team. This last tournament she scored two goals and helped assist most of mine.”

“She is always positive on and off the field and encourages our team. She took her chances during our tournament and finished them. She works hard during practice and is really fast at sprints. She is an amazing midfielder, and has been tunneling in to the goal better this past tournament. She takes your advice and the advice of her teammates and applies it. She is super sweet and really funny.”

Coach Becca’s – G2004 – Gabi – player of the month is Gabi. She has a great attitude and a passion for the game. Gabi has played almost every position and never complains. Her desire to improve as a player is infectious. Keep it up Gabi!

Coach Jen – G2003 – Amelia Zolzer – player of the month is Amelia Zolzer. Amelia is hardworking, eager to learn and excited to be at practice. She sets a great example with her work rate. She is committed to improving and is always looking for additional practice/training to improve her skills. She attended two advanced camps this summer. Amelia is physically strong and fast and has the ability to move the ball down the field for a pass or shot. Great job Amelia!