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Boys Player of the Month – September

October 5, 2017

September 2017 Boys Player of the Month

Boys Club Winner:
Gary – B2006 – Since Myles Farkas has the joined the team he has become a starter and one of the key players in the back line.

He is an extremely hard worker – I believe the hardest worker on the team – always attentive and is a sponge for information to improve.

In the areas of Soccer – the technical, the tactical, the physical and the psychological – he become one of the three top players on the team

As far as his technical abilities, he constantly works very hard and consistently improves on his touches and juggling as well as his passing and receiving.

In his technical ability – he had never played in the back line previously – since he was shown how to play back he has picked it up quickly and I can not count the times he has placed himself in the right position to make the play – he continues to get better each and every day.

Physically – Myles “ALWAYS” give the proverbial 110% – he is best attribute is his speed – he is the fastest player on the team now. Another attribute for him is his aggressiveness – he always fights for the ball whether it is the 1st or 2nd ball and usually wins.

Psychologically – Over the course of months Myles has risen to the player that is always focused, ready to play and ready to practice – he truly is a coaches dream.


Olders Club Winner:
Boys 2001 Crafts- Esain Martinez Esain is one of the fastest players on my team and routinely sweeps past defenders with apparent ease.

In our last tournament he not only was our leading goal scorer, but he also had a couple of key assists. His willingness to help teammates score is a big part of the team’s success – “DOT”. We have scored twice from his effective use of a rehearsed play, and could have scored a couple more this way.


Boys Team Winners:

Coach Elios – B06 – My nominee for Player of the Month is Rishil Chintalapati, an extremely calm center midfielder. Rishil has made a great jump from being a right winger to a center midfielder. He’s a smart and calm player who enjoys connecting passes and being on the ball. He understands the flow of the game and knows where to go with the ball.

Coach Jeff – Boys 2005 – I would like to nominate my goalkeeper Michael for player of the month. Michael has had a strong summer and is developing into a solid goalkeeper.

Coach Amine – Boys 2004- For the month of September I have chosen Erik as the P.O.M. Erik is new to Poway Vaquores but that hasn’t stopped him from scoring lots of goals. He also puts in a great effort in defense and helping his teammates achieve their goals as well. Erik is never not at practice and he always makes sure that he puts in a proper shift both at games and more importantly at training sessions.

Coach Gene – Boys 2003 – Osvaldo Cedillio. Osvaldo scored the game winning goal in two straight championship games. What a great month for Osvaldo.

Coach Evan – Boys 2008 – My player of the month is Kaito. Kaito is one of those kids that just work crazy hard no matter what is happening. He is the player on my team that makes all the other players do better because he sets the tone at every practice and every game. He has consistently improved this whole season and continues to impress with every game.

Coach John – Boys 2007 – Gavin Rose has helped us out in a defensive role which is a new position for him. He aggressively fights and wins balls in the back and advances with the ball nicely. He can play man vs man very well but has also played a role as a stopper when we needed him too. He played well in the Carlsbad Coastal Classic as well as our first couple of league games.


Coach Christine – Boys 2005 – Gavin Boyer was selected by his teammates as player of the month. Here is what they had to say about him:
“Gavin saved us in recent games. He has done well with his 1v1 opportunities and is doing really well in defense.”
“Gavin cancels out the person he is marking, allowing the center miss to transition better.”
“Gavin covers well during games.”
“Gavin shut down his player, had good jockeying, and worked hard every minute of the game.”


Coach Gene – Boys 2002 – Dario scored 5 goals in our last tournament and he scored 4 goals in the tournament before that.

Coach Jerry – Boys 2000 – The boys 2000 team player of the month is Alec Gechoff. Alec has the most amazing attitude, tremendous work rate and the rest of the boys really admire him for his positive attitude and great team spirit.