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College Education Program

College Education Program: Overview of the CEP

Mission Statement: We guarantee that every player who finishes their youth soccer education with Poway Vaqueros will have the opportunity to achieve a college education, if they choose. Whether they choose to pursue soccer or just continued education, we will help guide and provide those opportunities for our student athletes.

  • Part of our commitment to you is to support and help you throughout this important chapter in your life.
  • Through our College Education Program, we facilitate the College Workshop night which will serve to educate players and families on every aspect of the college search process as you search to find the perfect school for you.


  • Provide Opportunities – We will help support and guide our players to the right college that best suits their academic needs and soccer ability, if offered the opportunity to play at the collegiate level.
  • Encourage our athletes to seek excellence – It is clear that making it to the next level will not be easy.  We aim to help players understand the importance of training every day to improve on all aspects of their game.  It is also important that players take the same approach in the classroom, and we will always be a reminder for the importance of grades and academic achievement in the recruiting process.
  • Help you find a school – We’ll provide you with a framework by which you can start to gain clarity on what kind of a school you are looking for and what kind of school will suit you best, so that you can bring greater focus to your search efforts.  We will encourage you to be open-minded and give consideration to schools from all divisions and in all parts of the country.
  • Help you communicate with coaches – We realize that it can be difficult reaching out to college coaches.  We aim to equip you with the knowledge to market yourself effectively and learn how to communicate with professionalism and confidence with college coaches.
  • Help you to gain exposure – We are always seeking out the top college showcase events around the country, and networking with our college contacts for our players to be seen and have the opportunity to gain maximum exposure.