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Player Movement Policy

Vision:  In order to maximize a player’s individual development they may be moved amongst teams.

Vaqueros is committed to placing players on the team that best matches his of her ability.  Initially teams are formed with the intention of grouping similar skill levels.  The belief is players will progress better and have a more enjoyable experience playing with, and against, children of similar skills, speed, ability, and age.  However, because children develop at different rates and relative ability, player movement between the teams is to be expected.  From a developmental standpoint, we want to place players on teams where they can be most successful.


Why move players?

In our experience less skilled players on a high-skilled team often lose confidence, and in close games they frequently do not want to play for fear of making a mistake.  Players can be moved so kids on the margin get the chance to get challenged, but also to play at a slower pace where they often gain confidence in their skills.

When will players move?

Players may move anytime from tryouts until the start of league, typically early September.  Players may also move after league for post season.  For 2002 and under that means typically late November and through December.  For 2001 and older that means typically after the high school break in late February into March.

Do I have to play in an older age group?

Players who developmentally can succeed at an older age group, but would prefer not to, can stay with their age group.  The exception is when not moving would create a significant imbalance in the skill level of the players on the existing team.

How can I have my player play at a different level?

The coaching staff and Directors are constantly assessing players who may be better served at a different level.  If a parent wants their player to be considered for playing at a different level, they must submit their request in writing to a Director of Coaching.

How are player movement decisions made?

Once our coaching staff and directors agree that a player is a good candidate for a team change, it will be discussed with the parents in a direct and honest way.  Together the decision will be made on what is in the best interest of the player’s development

What are the benefits of playing at a higher level?

We encourage some movement to allow players who thrived in one environment to be challenged in a more competitive team.  Playing against stronger players in practices and in games will help a player play at a quicker speed, use skills under pressure, learn more advanced tactics, and overall experience a greater challenge.

What are the benefits of playing at a lower level?

Though it may be difficult for parents and players to see at first, playing a different speed is often a positive and beneficial experience.  Players have more of a leadership role, more playing time, gain confidence in their skills, and experience success.  As players progress they will have the opportunity to move to a higher level team when they are ready.