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PYSL Heat Policy

Poway Youth Soccer takes the safety of its players very seriously.  At times we may find it necessary to cancel practices, clinics and even games.  The threshold for Heat Warnings is 95 degrees – when temperatures hit 95 and/or rise above, PYSL will issue a heat advisory to its coaches and instruct them to take precautions as outlined by Cal South.   This heat advisory may in fact dictate that coaches cancel any planned activities for that day.  Other factors may be utilized to issue this advisory, such as warnings issued by the authorities which may be issued at temperatures even less than 95 degrees.    The league will also factor in ages of players, time of day that activities such as games are scheduled to be played and even the surface that players are scheduled to play on.

It is also important to note that Presidio makes all final decisions on the cancellation of games played by competitive teams (in our case all the Vaqueros teams) as well as games played in the age groups between U16 – U19.  As they handle the scheduling for these games, they are in charge of determining when and if they will be cancelled – PYSL does not make the decision for those games.  Presidio will utilize their published guidelines for making those decisions.  PYSL will make the decision for recreational games played in the age groups between U6 – U14.

Ultimately, parents have the final say on the participation of their child – the league will make its best decisions for the entirety of the league but parents know their children best.