• Valley Open
  • Meadowbrook Upper Open
  • Meadowbrook Lower Open
  • Hilleary Open
  • Arbolitos Open
  • Silverset Open
  • Valley verde Open
  • Tierra Bonita/Twin Peaks Open

Information for Coaches & Parents

If this is your first time, Thank you for volunteering. PYSL wouldn’t be nearly as successful without people like you. Don’t worry if you don’t have any experience–it only takes enthusiasm and a desire to make a difference in the lives of the children on your team.

Requirements to Coach

  • All coaches and volunteers must be fingerprinted and cleared through LiveScan before they will be permitted to coach or volunteer. Forms can be obtained by VP of Recreational Soccer
  • All Coaches and team parents must take the concussion course through HeadsUp. VP of Recreational Soccer will provide the link and information for completing the class. This must be completed prior to the teams first practice.
  • All Coaches, if not previously completed, must complete a short, online coach training course

The Parent Meeting

  • Once you have received your player registration sheets, contact all parents by phone and invite them to join you for an hour-long meeting. Make sure the meeting place can accommodate children, such as one of the parks around Poway or perhaps a child-friendly restaurant. As you call to invite the parents to your meeting, be sure to ask them for permission to put their phone number and address on a contact sheet.
  • Things to cover in the meeting (For more detailed information click here.)
    • Prepare a Contact Sheet
    • Prepare a Parent Information Sheet – with information about the team and season
    • Distribute PYSL Code of Conduct
    • Identify Team Volunteers
    • Team Snacks
    • Practice Parent
    • Team Issues
    • Sponsorship